2010 – New Year, new books, new beginnings

After a hectic close to 2009 I am looking forward to new adventures, new tales to tell, and new goals to reach.  A good friend has spoken alot this New Year about transformations – both personal and professional – and while I am no Faith Popcorn, I think this will definitely be a defining buzz word of 2010.   During this time of global redefinition and economic insanity isn’t the most powerful change we can make that of ourselves?  Instead of resolutions that so often go by the wayside by the time January 31 roles around we should all be creating goal charts.  Lists of what we want from our own lives, from and for ourselves and a roadmap of how to realistically get there.  Taking a line from Dr. Phil’s page and the Nike ads, if you want to acheive something, JUST DO IT.


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