Procrastination and artistic expression

It is pretty much  a given that in any writer’s magazine, creative rag, or book geared towards getting a move on that someone mentions the typical artist procrastination.   It has been said that many writers will do almost anything rather than write.  So it is with this knowledge lurking in the dark areas of my psyche that I spend many hours doing lots of work, but not enough actual writing.   Justification comes in the form of a “everyone’s got the same problem” mantra.   Don’t get me wrong – I am the QUEEN of great ideas, paragraphs, scenes, and one liners all diligently written down on little scraps of paper, the back of my daughter’s homework sheets (I really hope Mr. Roa liked the one about the flying horse…), and even in the margins of coupons.  Yes, for the quick fix I rule but when it comes down to putting the great ideas in order and putting in the hard work (*sigh* – my nemesis) that will eventually result in an actual completed manuscript, well, I suck.  Yup.  So in this year of transformations and committing to the JUST DO IT motto, it is my intention to put more stick-to-itness into my writing and……wait….hang on…I just had a great idea!  I’ll be right back, let me just grab this book of matches to jot something down on………


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