Put the pen to paper…

…or in this age of immeditate gratification and technical wizardry, put the fingers to the keyboard.   At long last I have discovered the secret to writing a book and it only took me thirty years (give or take… actually, please take).  Are you ready? Drum roll please………. stay in the chair and type.  Too simple?  Annoyingly simple?  I thought so too but there it is.  Genuis, really.  The key to getting the book done is apparantly by NOT getting up and walking the dog, changing the sheets, surfing Monster.com for a “real” job, or getting yet another munchie from the kitchen.   Who knew?  Well, for starters all of those folks who can stroll into Borders and pull one of their own titles off the shelf.  Oh, and the people at about 100 different great tips for writers sites.  And I am pretty sure that is what my Creative Writing professor was trying to tell us back in college as I was heading out to the vending machines for a munchie.    Well, as the old cliché goes, better late than never.  So while technically my fingers ARE on the keyboard, I must hasten back to my other screen to…..dramatic drumroll once again……FINISH THE BOOK (and by finish I mean move on past Chapter Three).  BRB – have to go grab a munchie first…….

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