It’s all in my head….

That’s how I explain my writing process.  Recently I asked a number of writer friends how the story happens for them.   Guess what?  Not one of us uses the same methods for our madness.  For each writer the act of creating is personal and as I am now discovering, utterly and completely unique.  

I am, as mentioned in an earlier blog, a little scrap of paper type of writer.  Ideas, names, one liners, even whole paragraphs find their home on whatever pulp based item I can get my hands on.  Ask my husband, who on many a road trip has frantically searched for a somewhat clean fast food napkin and dark-colored crayon with me yelling “I have an idea – quick I need something to write on.”   Oh but how I dream of binders and color coded folders and cross referenced maps but the reality is, I am just not that gal.  My stories unfold in my imagination and much like my children, they seem to do whatever they want, regardless of the path I try to put them on.   

 I used to think that my style was wrong, that a book could never materialize out of the chaos that is my desk (and my head for that matter!).   But then I found a gum wrapper that said otherwise so I’m good….


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