Food for thought….

Literally.  I’m sure I am not the first writer to compare writing to baking, but I’ll do it anyway.   Recently I have started baking bread (and by recently I mean Thursday).   Kneading, waiting, kneading some more, waiting a bit longer, baking, and then waiting a wee bit more and finally – ahhh, crackling crust, soft center (but not doughy), and the satisfaction of creating something that not just looks awesome, but is actually palatable.   And there you have it: the creation of a book.  I mean bread.  I mean a book.   So similar are the processes that with a few interchangeable words the description could fit either task.                                                                             Signing off now to tackle more writing.  I mean baking.  I mean writing…..

1 thought on “Food for thought….


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