Blowing off the dust….

and getting back to those earnestly made resolutions of the New Year.  It’s about (insert expletive of choice here) time!  Started out strong as the confetti came showering down.  Gave my blog lots of TLC, tweaking widgets and brightening up the backgrounds.   Wrote some nice little blurbs about just writing the book, just doing it, just making 2010 THE YEAR that the novel would erupt from my fingertips and pour eagerly onto the waiting pages.  Lavished attention on my writing group and my WIP (work in progress).  And how is that coming along you wonder?  Ahem, well, let’s just say that procrastination and I stroll hand in hand on a daily basis.   

January was a prolific time for me but after a month of living the writer’s life (as I imagined it to be) of being sequestered in my room typing away the moment my husband arrived home from work, I had to get back to reality and that included a month’s worth of laundry that apparently was not willing to wash itself.  Also, a tribe of small, angry offspring had begun roaming our house and they were getting pretty tired of grilled cheese and cereal for dinner.  It seemed that my clan preferred me front and center and not hidden away, hunched over research books and a keyboard. 

I have friends who can pop out a couple of drafts a year, editing, writing, and juggling children, pets, and life along the way.   It seems I am not prone to such Ringling Bros. like adeptness just yet.    Oh, I  am renewing my self-inflicted goals with new vigor but also with that word so beloved by Oprah and women’s magazines across the board, B-A-L-A-N-C-E.    Instead of the all or none gorilla warfare approach I usually tackle my projects with, resulting in a partial manuscript, a loss of steam somewhere mid book, and a house full of angry, hungry, unwashed children, I will try working some realistic writing time into my schedule.   Project Runway and The Mentalist will have to go on without me.

So back to some TLC on the blog pages, getting manuscripts ready for the light of day, and getting back on track for some shelf space at Barnes & Noble (or memory space on a Kindle) while still holding down the proverbial fort for my family.   Watch out Cirque du Soleil, here I come!