And I’m back….

Where does a year and a half go?  Jobs, life changes, one really big move (again) and finally, ahhhhh…..back to the blog.    If the media is any indication, I should have been blah, blah, blogging all along as I build a “platform” for my writing career but I am going to adopt the blindly optimistic view so aptly captured in a well-loved cliché, ‘There is no time like the present’.   I have been reading, writing, getting up to misadventures and meeting some incredibly interesting people along the way.  From this point forward I will refer to that time as field research for the blog, articles, and books instead of procrastination.

One writing contest entered so far in 2012.  Sure, it was only a one sentence entry on but I’ll count it.  Ready to roll are some children’s stories that are almost fully polished and a few new WIPs that I am REALLY excited about.  The blurbs on those new pieces will hit the blog later this week (which means tomorrow since it is now Thursday).

In my stack of must read books this week is one that promises to be “Like two years of film school in 248 pages” so look for video and photo posts in the near future.   This book’s title is “How to  Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck” so all I am promising in the beginning is non sucky stuff.  It can only improve from there…..

2 thoughts on “And I’m back….

    • Thanks Vicki! Good to be here again. Looking forward to pulling some of your books off the B & N bookshelf one day soon! Every day – one step closer.


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