Yummy – did I get your attention? I’m not going to give you any recipes here or tell you about what I ate for lunch…okay; actually I will tell you what I ate.  Went to a great Asian restaurant today and I had something called a yam pot which is a mound of taro covered in a crispy coating, piled high with chicken and vegetables  in a savory brown sauce and it was DELICIOUS!!!  But that’s not what this post is about.

My luncheon companion was a kindred spirit – a woman who has an interesting resume, a multitude of talents, and a lot to say about the world.  From our lively banter about goals, what to be when we grow up, and dream jobs came this:  You are what you say you are.  Profound, right?  

So this post is really about being you.   Just as thousands of self-help gurus tout every day, you are in control of your own life.  That level of expertise (plus the addition of my keen observations) can’t be wrong.  My brother does a killer Dr. Phil imitation, slow drawl and all: “If you want to be a better person, well then, just stop being an ass.”  And seriously, it is that simple.  Kind of.   There is some effort involved and non-ass like behavior but overall it is up to us to define our lives. 

So today, by definition, I am a writer and my gastronomically adventurous lunch buddy is a budding event planner.  How do you define you?  I leave you with this: In the now immortal words of me – go forth and be yourself.  Just don’t be an ass.   

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