Beholder’s eyes

I’d like to see something in a modernistic, architectural, subculture, still life.  Please.  Oh, and it has to be 12.673 x 13.7 x 2.  Thanks.

Art….deep breath…..writing, painting, sculpting, sketching, dancing, singing, cooking, photographing, playing, building, designing, showing, telling, sharing.   Way too much stuff to cram into such a teensy little word, don’t you think?  And yet when we say art, each one of us pulls a different image from our mind’s eye.

I’m a lucky girl (and no, I am not telling you this to let you know how awesome I am, even though I am) because I am surrounded by people who express themselves through art.  Some create for a living, some create in hopes of it becoming a living, and some have whole other careers and then in their spare time, create.  Each time a friend shares something they have done – a new story, a blog, a song, a picture, a painting – it’s like getting a present. Not the tangible rip off the paper and squeal kind (although I am WIDE OPEN for those if anyone wants to send some) but the kind that enriches you as a person.

The gift lies in being shown something that is created from a place tucked somewhere inside of them that only gets seen through the lens of their art.  These are the kinds of gifts where “thanks for sharing” doesn’t seem to be quite enough to say.  How do you thank someone for sharing a part of their soul?  Words seem underwhelming. Okay, well, sure, hanging it in a museum or publishing it or buying the album would be a kind of thanks too.

When we lived in Australia I attended The Sydney Royal Easter Show.  For anyone not familiar with this event it is like a country fair on some serious steroids.  Part of the festival is an art show with judges and prizes.  The artist’s works are hung in aisles for attendees to peruse and admire.  Ranging from simple to incredibly complex there’s no shortage of subjects or mediums.

My favorite item was a painting by Lightning Ridge artist John Murray. This piece was named “The Brewarrina-Goodooga Rd.”   Depicting an outback road heading off into the horizon the painting was full of texture and depth. The road to both nowhere and everywhere was a strong message.  I fell, as the cliché goes, head over heels in love with the piece – it called to my gypsy soul.  Being so in love I of course stalked this piece, even from afar when we moved back to the states, until one day someone else who could afford the asking price of $10,000.00AU also fell in love and stole my boyfriend…errr..I mean painting.

If you are wondering why I’m telling you about my art stalking issues I really do have a point.  I promise.  Art can speak to us at any random time and in any form.  It is one soul speaking to another, saying “Hi, does this resonate with you?  Let’s share a moment.”  Art is individual, both in the creation and the interpretation.

There are far too many art forms and artists in the world to give you a link to all of them and I even if I could, I am pretty sure I would lose you around page two.  So I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of cool ones that might help you find something that speaks to you.  Also, because it’s my blog and I can do anything I want on here, I am giving you the links to a couple of the artists that I know.   Maybe their work will say hi to you too……

2 thoughts on “Beholder’s eyes

  1. Oh!!! Ma“am your blog is superb it‘s juss too irresistable!!! I cannot resist myself from readin all those blogs but time slips away soon, I look forward to come back and read all your other posts. Wish u luck for future and do keep writing as you are a wonderful author.


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