Big city walking

Boston, MA March 10, 2012Nothing stirs the creative pot like a day of exploration.  Yesterday I met up in Boston, MA with friend and photographer Karyn Jenkins for a big city walk-a-bout.   Below are a few shots I took during our trek.

4 thoughts on “Big city walking

  1. Beautiful pictures. My favorite is the third of the largest ones, the one with that black structure with a red archway. What would that whole thing even be called? It stands out so much from everything around it, almost like a gateway to another place.

    Thanks for sharing these. 🙂

  2. Thanks Mike!
    I’m going to go with ‘the backyard personal pagoda’. Ahhh, the stories that could pour through that little structure.

  3. Great pics! Its always enjoyable for me to see the architecture and landscape of the East Coast. I’m a California Native, and it is quite different here. Living here all my life, I love it when I get a chance to travel outside of the West and see the contrast. I am fortunate that a section of my work has me traveling throughout the US. The only draw back is that I’m usually in any one city for sometimes less than 24 hours. But I have learned to take in a lot in the taxi rides and even in the final decent of the plane.

    • Thanks Melinda~
      Glad you enjoyed the photos. California is a beautiful state! I adore San Franciso and that coastal ride along Route 1 is unparalleled. It stinks that you can’t spend more time in the cities you travel too but at least you get a taste of them to know which ones you’d like to go back and see more of =)


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