“C” is for Contrived Culprit

Day 3 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2012   – “C”

C” is for carefully crafted characters that face challenges in chapters full of conundrums, careening cars, chilling conflicts, and creative careers.  Clearly it is possible to concoct credible creatures with concrete histories and committed companions that catapult your crafted chronicle into credible copy.  Just look at what Christie*, Crichton*, Carroll*, and Clark* have composed.

Conventional crafters of composition rely on a variety of clever channels to cultivate a cool, high caliber,  complex cast.     Commentators on the chaos of life, writers must contemplate the complexities that construct the core of each concocted conceptual creation.  Canvassing a combination of contradictory crowds can convert colorless, commonplace characters into a congregation of captivating cohorts that carry readers into your comedy, cliffhanger, or codex.

Confused? By converting a clique of charming crowds into a fictional circle of convivial citizens, your story will clobber competing concoctions of cleverly constructed prose.  Careful – can’t compromise the central theme by combining a conglomerate of clowns.   Always combine classy, clear, and civil with the comedic cut up to create cohesion.

Closing with my conclusion:  Consider it completely conceivable that you too can crank out a chimerical community that captivates canny consumers of our craft.

*Christie, Agatha; *Crichton, Michael; *Carroll, Lewis; *Clark, Mary Higgins


10 thoughts on ““C” is for Contrived Culprit

    • Hi! Thanks – it was a fun but time consuming piece to write. =) Are you in the A to Z challenge too?


    • Hi~
      Can’t locate a “follow” button on your blog. Is this by design or just not set up yet or did I completely miss it somehow?

  1. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I thought I would return the favour.
    I love the who “C” theme you had going on there – very clever. I liked it.
    Will definitely be back for more.

    • Hi Mark~

      Thanks for the visit and for following my blog. Glad to have you here. See you on D-Day =)


  2. Brilliant .. fun! How to play with one letter – very clever. Nice to be here. Good luck with the rest in the challenge – can’t see it will a problem for you *smile

    • Well thank you. It’s great fun so far – not sure how Q and X will be =) Thanks for coming over.

      • Not that difficult (took some brain searching) as a Swede, we have also 3 more letter Å – Ä & Ö – thinking of doing them too. Welcome back!


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