D is for Dire

Day 4 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2012   – “D”

Deriving from dedicated daily discourse is the danger of detraction from domestic duties.  Doomed are the decadent desserts, daily deeds, dangerously dirty dishes, and downtrodden duds.   Days disappear while doodles, diction, and dissertations develop. My daydreams are dedicated to despicable, deceitful dowagers, dainty debutantes, and dashing, delicious daredevils.

Decidedly determined denizens of our domestic domicile, dearly desiring dinner, dare to draw me away from my desk.  Dicey actions dictate decidedly discreet doings.  Darling daughters dabble in depowering my digital desktop data-processor.  Disheartening it is to see my developing dreamy dude, dated a delicate half decade of years , disassemble doctrines with delight.  Oh dastardly devils of my design.  Damn that Darwin* as doubtlessly they will be my demise.

Drowning in despair (definite dusty cliché) at the destruction of documentation and disintegration of distinct, deviceful time, I designed a diagram for a new dichotomy.  Developed to discourage discontent, the details are designated by dusk and dawn.  During daylight I will do for the denizens deeds of domesticity and during the domain of darkness I will document dreams, deflocculate dits, deign to be a decadist, and occasionally, dance.

Disaster by descendant demons diverted.   Delightful!

*Darwin, Charles

PLEASE NOTE:  This is my original material so: Dare not duplicate my design as I hate dealing with the déclassé and I will be forced to describe you as a dapocaginous, duplicitous dirtbag.  And I definitely don’t desire to do that.

Dag!  (it’s Dutch)

10 thoughts on “D is for Dire

    • Thanks Linda~
      I’ll keep my reply in the “D” free zone too. Will head over to your place later today to check out your A to Z posts. Thanks for coming to visit =)

  1. Finally made my way to your blog, and I’m loving it!! I’m both impressed and shameful that I could never do what you do! It looks like it’s insanely hard, but I’ve got nothing but respect. Your “Please Note” made me laugh out loud! I will be back for sure.

    • Hi Adam~
      Thanks for coming over, I think the “I” word would be insane. LOL! It is not so hard as it is time consuming but I seem to have commited myself to this format for the challenge. Sure, it’s a self imposed commitment in my head, but whatever. Glad I could get an LOL and I look forward to having you back for another visit. I’ll be heading over to your place shortly.

      • I think my head would explode trying to come up with “x” or “u” with your theme! I’m glad I found this challenge, it’s really rewarding! Keep up with the commitment, I can’t wait to see what’s next!!

      • Right back at you on the commitment and looking forward to what’s next. Have fun!

    • Thanks. Slowly – LOL! I was an English major in college and love words and reading. The challenge is not coming up with the words, it’s in piecing them all together so I am actually saying something. 😉


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