F is for Fall-behind Friday

Day 6 of the Blogging From A to Z challenge April 2012 – F

First: Forgiveness please from my fans, followers, and fellow A-Z Challengers as Friday fell to a fury of fast footed feral fiends (aka my children). In my frenzy to facilitate my fiction I forgetfully pressed “Safe Draft” instead of “Publish” so Friday’s blog was flubbed.

Fiction finds fun in farce and fantasy so for Friday’s feature I forged a fable.

Fearless was our fine frog Fred. He would frolic and fuss from the first few rays of the fiery sun. He’d then fill his nights with fanciful fun. Forever forgetting to find himself food, he would follow the fireflies flickering by fields of feathered ferns.

Farley the fawn feared for Fred’s flaw and said, “Fall is fast finishing and frost will be here forthwith. Foolish folly will find you a famished fellow.”

Forgoing this foretelling advice he forged into the foliage, fixated on a fine fast fox.

Flaunter of funky fortune to the finish”, a feeble flounder said.

Finally fell the freeze, facilitating snow falling in folds over frontiers. Fellow forest foragers found their faithful, fortuitous finding of feasts would keep them fit and fat.

Farther out in the fields a famished, fickle frog flailed. Fred’s feet were frozen fast to a fence for he flippantly failed to follow his friends.

◊         ◊            ◊          ◊               ◊

PLEASE NOTE: This is my original material so… Forgery is a felony and for finding you fiddling with my fiction I will forever feel you are a feces (plus I’ll tell your Mom).




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