P is for Putrid

Day 18 of the Blogging From A to Z Challenge April 2012 – “P”

Preface:  Putting poetry plainly aside, I’ve prepared a presentation pertaining to one’s posterior for “P”.   Please proceed with prudence.

Public Potty:

Poop on park path:

◊             ◊             ◊             ◊             ◊

PLEASE NOTE:  This is my original material so……. Parasitic pilfering of my products will produce profound penalization on your part.

Pfüat Enk (Bavarian)

9 thoughts on “P is for Putrid

  1. I like the letter P. Eveyone in my immediate family has a last name that begins with the letter P. When we go places, we are the Pitts. Porters, Pughs and Pegues. Wierd huh!?!

    Happy A to Z-ing!

    • That’s awesome and really unusual. I can see why you have an affinity for the letter P 😉
      Thanks for coming by! Happy Blogging!


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