If you’re on Facebook then you know the obscene amounts of sayings, photos, and trivial drivel that circulate on a daily basis.   Mixed in with that are some really fantastic quotes, photos, and information.  It’s not just a melting pot – it’s a cauldron of the immaterial and the wonderful.

I absolutely poached the saying above from a friend’s page because it falls under the” randomly awesome stuff you find on FB” category.    Applicable to writing and life in general, it succinctly brings home the point that no one needs to be pigeonholed into just one “thing” in life.

Every day we make choices – what time to get up, what to wear, what to eat, who to talk to, and where to go.   Make the choice to be more – to experience new things, to go after the dreams, to expand your world to, to be everything, because you CAN!!!!

7 thoughts on “Everything

    • You’re welcome =) I love it too. It’s right up there with the Nike motto – Just do it .

  1. Great post – and I couldn’t agree more! FB generates lots of food for thought if you weed out the ‘I am sitting in the garden drinking a coffee-type-stuff’!


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