In the little moments

Sometimes life can roar.  The noise of work, play, friends, family, and all the nitty-gritty in between can become so loud that the artist in us must step back and wait for the hubbub to subside.   Lurking behind the frenzy, soaking up all of the interactions, observing and learning.

Finally comes the quiet.  Those precious moments when there is nothing but the expression of art pouring out into the silence to fill the space with something new, something that has been growing behind the noise.

Often we find so much more than our creativeness during the in between times.   We find ourselves.  There is a peace and centering that comes with being hushed and finally hearing the thoughts that only speak to us in a whisper.

Take a moment today to find the quiet, to hear your inner artist, and to hear yourself.

4 thoughts on “In the little moments

    • LOL! Mine get out today. I will need to set the alarm for some early morning peaceful moments 😉 I may have to follow your lead and become a 4am writer.


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