Hi!  I’m Laura – welcome to my place.  Writing is my passion, my joy, and my home base.  It is what I always come back to regardless of the avenues my adventures have taken me.

Office manager, dance instructor, small business owner, massage therapist, MLM entrepreneur, legal secretary (kind of), waitress,volunteer,  cashier, florist’s assistant…what do they all have in common?  If you said my resumé, you are correct!    The list is neither complete nor in chronological order but I think it would be fair to say that when the writer’s advice of ‘write what you know’ is thrown out there, I’ve got coverage on a good number of subjects.  My addresses and work history have spanned the globe and the spectrum, and while I have mentioned many of note, some can only be discussed over a good stiff drink.

My fabulous Australian husband (and yes, it was the accent) and I  have been blessed with three entertaining, enterprising, engaging children who keep life challenging, interesting, and most of all, BUSY.  Did I forget to mention energetic?   And surrounding our family unit is a big circle of family and friends.  A warm, wonderful group of unique individuals who make our lives both interesting and always fun.

My fiction and nonfiction works stem from the culmination of my experiences which, thankfully, have never been boring. Also a vivid and sometimes dark imagination helps to move things along!

And that is all about the author.

7 thoughts on “Author

  1. Laura,
    Thanks for following my blog! Reading yours, I have to tell you I love pistachio ice cream and chocolate chip cookies too. Yum. And only have energetic grandchildren to keep me hopping. Best of luck juggling all the fun things going on in your life.
    Lois Roelofs

    • Hi~
      You’re welcome. Thanks for coming by Lois! Nice to meet a fellow pistachiophile 😉

  2. Hello Laura,

    We met briefly at BlogHer and I promised to send you an “I See I Learn” book ( I was going to send you an email with a little more background and ask for your snail mail, but you email address is not on your card! I can be reached at janet @ cheers…


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