Hula Hoops. Very Proud Of The Queen.

Reblogging this post from Tilly Bud of The Laughing Housewife fame. She is hysterical to read but more importantly, there is a picture of me in this post. Tilly threatened….err…… challenged us to send her a photo of our whereabouts during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I would like to point out that if the photos tell us anything it’s that Tilly knows ALOT of drinkers so I’m not sure how much of the actual ceremony these folks remember. Here’s to praying she does not post a pop quiz. Cheers!

The Laughing Housewife

No, the Queen was not so impressed by the aging Grace Jones in her PVC outfit at the Diamond Jubilee Concert that she decided to take up hula hooping – though after seeing her as a Bond Girl and skydiver, I suppose anything is possible.  

My title was left as a comment on the post in which I invited you to tell me what you were eating, drinking and doing during the Olympics Opening Ceremony. You responded in your units.  Some of them alcoholic.

Before I get on to that, I want to add three items to my list of highlights:

  • The choir of hearing-impaired and other children who sang the National Anthem so beautifully.
  • The honour guard of 500 workers who had built the stadium.  They lined up in the tunnel as the torch entered.  A wonderful touch.
  • And finally, the news that for the first time, every single one…

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Cricket anyone?

Be forewarned that this post is riddled with sports metaphors – and that I neither play nor actively watch any competitive sports.  I just felt like using them and so you have a 50/50 chance that I have the right sports/life combo.  Play ball!

We all have unique and busy lives… okay, some of you might not be that busy, but I’m sure you have some stuff to do.   Sometimes things get ratcheted up a notch and life goes from “normal” busy to something akin to standing in a batting cage while the pitching machine hurls 102 mile an hour fast balls at you along with a few curve balls for good measure.  There is nowhere to run.  That leaves just two choices: stand still and end up looking like a bad piece of tenderized meat or swing hard and fast until that @#$)@9 machine runs out of ammo.

Dead center in the batter’s cage is where life has been for me lately.  I’ve spent an obscene amount of time reading self-help books, start up business info, and of course, the all telling daily horoscopes.   This trifecta of printed knowledge, along with a couple of shake ups in my personal life, has been the catalyst for some major changes.   Time to start knocking them out of the park.

The moments of leisurely strolling the green and waiting for just the right wind speed velocity to take my swing are over.  No more meandering!  It’s time to be the driving force behind….well, me.   And now that I am a self-educated home personal improvement expert I want to share this – you should be the driving force behind….well, you!

We are individual athletes playing our best game in the team sport called life.  (Sports metaphor AND cliché – nice touch don’t you think?)  Why spend the time on the sidelines watching other players make the scores?  If weeks of daily horoscopes and boot strap entrepreneur biographies have taught me anything it’s this – we are our own best chance of success.

I for one would like a good Zamboni – the clean slate maker of the sports world.    Nothing says launching point like a three ton ice scraper smoothing over the bumps and rough patches to create a fresh surface for the next game.   So saddle up and let’s get this rodeo started.  Game on!