BlogHer Conference

Having grown up in her outskirts I am stoked (yup – I said stoked) to be spending a summer weekend in NYC.   In addition to gelato in Little Italy, massive amounts of people watching, and an afternoon of theatre, oh yeah – I’ll be attending the BlogHer 2012 conference.

I found the conference quite by accident after reading a recommended piece about the founders of the website.   If you haven’t been there yet, is worth the look-see.  They have amassed a fine collection of bloggers who pontificate on a regular basis.  Like all blog spots there’s some fact, some fiction, and a lot of opinion in between.   The self-description on their website states:

Today, BlogHer is the largest community of women who blog: 37 million unique visitors per month (December 2011, Nielsen Site Census). Engaged, influential and info-savvy, these women come to BlogHer to seek and share advice, opinions and recommendations. BlogHer’s team works hard to bring you the best and brightest conversations, writers and speakers – online and in person. That’s what we do best.”

The narcissist in me said, “Hmmm, I came to their site – I must be one of those engaging, savvy chicks” while her counterpart, my negative nemesis, gave me, “Oh please, I think you fall under the “unique aka oddball” category”.  Either way, I’m now part of this community.  (For the record, I am leaning toward my inner narcissist)

Here’s a wee bit of information on the conference:

“Welcome to BlogHer Conferences!

In 2005, BlogHer Co-founders Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone held a conference to answer the question, “where are all the women who blog?” Today, BlogHer conferences bring together thousands of these women from around the world to discuss, inspire and connect with each other.”

 – BlogHer Webpage/ March 2012

For moi, the immediate gratification factor of an in person conference vs. online tutorial is the opportunity for spontaneity.  To get those tidbits of information that are not preformed, edited for content, and polished but instead drop unfettered during impromptu conversation.   It’s the chance to glean more about the inner workings of the blogosphere from those who have been there, done that, and are STILL right here, doing this.  In addition to the segments offered in structured speaker/audience format there are endless opportunities to connect with oodles of other people who spend their days pouring the fruits of intense neuron bursts out of their brains and into cyberspace.  It’s a chance to come out from behind the keyboard and meet up with heaps of other creatives who blog about hundreds of topics. I’ll equate it to summer camp for grown up geeky gals but with better breakfast foods.

Have you been to one of these before?  What’s your thought?  Would love to hear your opinions/suggestions/ideas on blog conferences.


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