Super Powers Activate…..

HA – If you know what that title means than you are my age or (insert wicked chortle here) older!  If you are still “young” and can reference that quote than you obviously were raised on too much Cartoon Network.   Either way, let the Wonder Twins live on!

In searching the World Wide Web for tutorials and information on the finer points of blogging I came across many mentions of a rare breed of people – SUPER BLOGGERS!   These elite people are so knowledgeable, well followed, and prolific that they have earned a high level of respect in the blogosphere coupled with an awesome, cartoon hero worthy title.

So in addition to building my writing platform and getting my stories published I now add a new goal – Super Blogger.  To get the ball rolling I am writing this while wearing a brightly colored spandex outfit and a cape (read – Spanx® and a bath towel) and now answer only to ‘Wonder Blogger’.   We all need to start somewhere……

2 thoughts on “Super Powers Activate…..


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